Oooh man, ‘tis confusing to be a 20-something

Regardless of the ways in which I may feel mature, nothing reminds me of my youth more than the frequent realization that I still don’t quite know what I’m doing or what my place is in this world. Then again, I don’t know if that feeling ever really goes away, if it should, or if it has to do with age.

Marc Johns stated perfectly in his feature on that I read this morning:

Conventional marketing wisdom says find your niche and stick to it, but that idea makes me feel claustrophobic. I don’t want to be known for a specific medium, but rather for a way of looking at the world.

Perhaps the only thing that makes each of us not only unique but also valuable is not what we do, but how we view the world. My insights - shaped by a unique blend of experiences, people and intrinsic nature - are what I have to offer the world - whether it’s as a graphic designer or health blogger or photojournalist.

But all this leaves me very confused when I have to project an identity - particularly online - that others will understand. People are not black and white. I am still confused by personal websites and social media (as savvy as I am, of course) because there are so many layers to a person that are often squashed or only glossed upon online.

All that to say - it’s late and I should be asleep, but instead have let my mind wander re: things I am interested in and want to do/pursue/create, primarily online:

  • Photo blog (NYC neighborhoods? Food? Misc. photo styling? The little - or big - things in life? All of the above?)
  • Blog for personal thoughts/writing such as this (I really do enjoy/miss writing and see that my style is being influenced by my job in news - hello, hyphens - which is not bad, but also makes me feel the need for balance by pursuing different topics/personal writing)
  • Blog for work/industry-specific thoughts
  • Et cetera, et cetera.

Well, harumph. Maybe I’ll just do it all.

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