Admitting we know less is knowing more. Consider the stars. When we reduce them to what we know about them, when we feign a nearness that is really a list of objective characteristics—calling them spheres resulting from the gravitational collapse of a gaseous nebula and the thermonuclear fusion of hydrogen into helium—we lose the reality, that primordial encounter of the stars that makes us care enough to study them in the first place. We list things about the stars, and in the smirk of superiority, pretend that this knowledge-about ever equates to a knowledge-of: to encounter.


Faith is indeed a surrender; faith indeed involves a kind of leap into darkness; but it’s a surrender on the far side of reason. It’s a leap into the darkness beyond the place illumined by philosophy and science and reason. Faith is a trusting confidence in a God who can’t be controlled by reason.

Fr. Robert Barron
For as long as I can remember I’ve torn out ads from magazines and saved them or made temporary collages for my doors/walls/school binders. Growing up in Hong Kong the most rewarding excursion was the roundabout trip to the Navy pier to buy U.S. magazines from the “Fleet Arcade” at U.S. prices instead of $10-12 apiece. Those prized magazines remained in tact for at least a month before being pared for my collection.

It feels good to do the things you’ve always done simply because they’re an extension of who you are. I believe that your childhood identity is often your truest identity and one that the world tries to distract you from as you age. It also feels good to not give a shit about what the world thinks and fight hard to stay true to who you are. ✌

New York, 2013

When the top of the map is given to the Northern hemisphere and the bottom is given to the Southern, then people will tend to adopt top and bottom attitudes.

Maps as propaganda, a practice that actually has a long and fascinating visual history. (via explore-blog)

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Bored with obvious reality, I find my fascination in transforming it into a subjective point of view. Without touching my subject I want to come to the moment when, through pure concentration of seeing, the composed picture becomes more made than taken. Without a descriptive caption to justify its existence, it will speak for itself – less descriptive, more creative; less informative, more suggestive; less prose, more poetry.

Ernst Haas, on Photography (via theonlymagicleftisart)

If you live off a man’s compliments, you’ll die from his criticism

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Nothing hurts a good soul and the kind heart more than to live amongst people who can’t understand it.

Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (via thatkindofwoman)

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an-introspective-heart: — Veronica A. Shoffstall

May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view.

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